Technology and Creativity

The first time I saw a computer, the monitor was six inches wide. It was my next door neighbor’s Macintosh and I was hooked. By the time I could afford one, the monitors had grown and so had the price. My first computer was a 486sx that was $3,000. It had less technology in it than a coffee pot would today. But I loved that thing and spent a lot of time in front of it. I had found a new passion: working with words and pictures.

It all began with Photography

In high school, my Dad and I built a dark room out in the garage so I could develop and print pictures for the Orange County High School yearbook. I was proud to be the staff photographer. It was a passion. But more than that, I was able to be a part of the action without being in the spotlight. I was always more comfortable being behind the camera than in front of it. And what I saw in front of me was often inspirational.


Words and Pictures

I took my English degree from Lynchburg College and became a journalist for a year before deciding to write a novel. I am happy to report it is finally completed! “Beyond the Ocean Waves,” by T. Edwards Brown (available for purchase on Amazon)! I am currently working on a 2nd novel and very excited about it. Here I am at one of my book signings!

In the meantime, I became proficient in both Mac and PC computer platforms, learned page layout, design, illustration, and the most important of all software programs – Photoshop! When SLR cameras went digital, my passion for photography had returned. Living in Fort Lauderdale at the time, I found a lot of scenic opportunities and sold a lot of prints at art shows. Armed with a new Digital SLR and a large format printer, I felt like I had come full circle…printing my own pictures just as I had done as a kid in my garage!


From Idea thru Completion

I was very proud of this one. A water bottle manufacturer came to me after I had helped them on another project and gave me full creative freedom to come up with a concept and complete the whole project. Their confidence inspired me and I was happy they were pleased with the results. The posters were displayed in the Miami Airport for many years as a favorite to viewers. The model was a friend of mine and we planned to work together on future projects but she was involved in a bad car accident shortly after and had a long road to recover.


Very First Art Show

I hadn’t bought my grid walls yet to display my framed pictures so I tied closet racks together to create stand-up displays! I enjoyed interacting with people at the shows and discussing my prints and what inspired me. I learned how to cut my own mats and began framing. The banner display behind me was one of my first shots with my new camera and I was a regular on the beach before sunrise from that point on. I came up with the slogan on the banner, “Sometimes, all you really have to do to be inspired is wake up.”


Making Music

There I am in the spotlight. I hate the spotlight! I’m a behind the scenes guy. However, I do love to play and sing and you can’t always be behind a camera or a computer. I think making music is a creative expression just as a photograph or graphic design would be. It’s my right-brain way of thinking. Some scientist tried to debunk that theory but it’s proven that right-brain activity is responsible for daydreaming. And I am a responsible daydreamer! I can’t go too many days without doing something creative and that includes my guitar.

Next Steps…

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