Aerial Photography

Technology has allowed us to soar to new heights, giving us new perspectives that the Wright Brothers could only dream about! Realtors – give your potential buyers a view from above the home and neighborhood.

Aerial shots of vacant lots with boundary lines drawn also available. We can also do video of a farm or piece of land that needs something extra.


Real Estate Photography

Realtors can be confident that they will receive high quality interior, exterior, and aerial images of their listing in a timely manner at a reasonable price. Satisfaction guaranteed. As a former Realtor, I understand your needs and I am here to help.


Graphic Design

I have been a graphic artist since the early days of the computer. Please feel free to ask me for my creative input. Again, I am here to help.

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Aerial gives prospective buyers another look.

All of my real estate photo prices include aerial images along with interior and exterior images. 3-5 aerial shots is usually all you will need to give your listing some new perspective and the extra boost it needs to sell.

I shoot my photos in the Raw!

Raw Photos shot by a professional photographer are 1,000 times better than a regular JPEG image. If you can imagine a JPEG image as being a yellow sticky, then a RAW photo would be an extra large road map! These RAW files are converted and sent to you in JPEG format but they still carry all the punching power of the RAW photo! You will see the difference!

I would love to work with you…

I want to go above and beyond your expectations. Please call or email me today!